Zpack Duplex Classic Tent in olive drab color. Sleeps 2.

As with all Zpack tents, it does not include poles or stakes: “Sets up with two trekking poles adjusted to around 48″ (122 cm). Slightly taller or shorter fixed length poles will also work. If you do not use trekking poles, we have straight tent poles available. Six stakes are required for this tent with eight stakes recommended for a taught pitch in windy conditions. Stakes are not included but we have a variety of Ultralight Stakes to choose from.”

Material of canopy: .55 oz/sqyd Standard Dyneema® Composite Fabric

Weight: 17.9 oz

Condition: this tent is in excellent condition and has only been used on the trail a handful of times (maybe 5). No rips or tears (it may have traces of dirt and/or an outdoor scent typical of minimal use). We found it a bit cramped for two people, so we got the 3 person tent to replace it.

Retail price: ~$699

Paypal only. Shipping within the USA. Shipping cost is not included in the price, but I’m willing to negotiate.