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May 17-27, 2024
2024 REI Anniversary Sale - Our Biggest Sale of the Year

The 2024 REI Anniversary Sale runs from May 17-27, 2024. It’s REI’s biggest sale of the year and is often the best opportunity to find ultralight backpacking gear (some of it quite expensive, especially packs, shelters, and sleeping bags) at steeply discounted prices.

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This REI Gear Guide contains an updated collection of hiking and backpacking products available at REI Co-Op that are recommended by Backpacking Light.

Backpacking Light Recommendations for products are based on light weight, high performance, market resilience, and reliability.
Backpacking Light product recommendations are based on light weight, high performance, market resilience, and reliability.

The primary purpose of this gear guide is to provide REI Members with a highly-focused list of products that meet the following criteria:

  • High Performance – The product is representative of the most performant products available among its market peers in the same weight range.
  • Light Weight – The product is representative of the lightest products available among its market peers in the same performance/functionality class.
  • Reliability – The product is not characterized by systemic functional flaws as a result of unsound design principles or defects in material or manufacturing quality.
  • Market Resilience – The product has an established market presence with a positive reputation among users. These two factors generally place the product among the top 10% of products in its category in terms of retailer sales volumes and low return rates.


  • Minimalist – A product that is uniquely characterized by its light weight and simple design. Minimalism is most often reflected in material and design choices.
  • Performance – A product that is uniquely characterized by a notably high performance-to-weight ratio. Performance may include factors such as durability, feature set, storm resistance, suspension performance, etc.
  • Comfort – A product that is uniquely characterized by a notably high comfort-to-weight ratio. Comfort may include factors such as warmth, padding, load-carrying ability (packs), ease of use, etc.


  • All products appearing in this gear guide have been used, tested, and inspected by Backpacking Light as part of its product review or guided wilderness trekking programs.
  • This gear guide contains affiliate links. However – buyer be aware – just because REI sells some gear that is lightweight and performant does not mean that the lightest or most performant gear available in a category is available at REI! In many categories, lighter and more performant options are available from cottage manufacturers and other retailers. For example, check out Garage Grown Gear, Feathered Friends, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Tarptent, Durston Gear, and others in our Gear Brands database.
  • We do not recommend all products for all situations. We leave it up to the user to identify the strengths and limitations of a particular product in a specific use case scenario.

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giftsREIMembershipn/a10% dividend annually, members-only specials, early access to sales.Membership
giftsREIGift Cardn/aA versatile gift for just about everyone!Gift Card
rei backpackbackpacksREI Co-OpFlash 55 ComfortModularity, ease of organizing gear, and load-carrying comfort.Men's
backpacksHyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest PerformanceDurability, load-carrying stability, waterproofness.2400
backpacksREITarn 40 Backpack ComfortSlim profile, comfortable harness, durable, gear organization and access features.Kid's
backpacksOspreyEja / Exos Pro 58 PerformanceLoad-carrying comfort at lighter (< 30 lb) weights, gear access, sleek profile, manufacturing quality.Eja Pro 58
Exos Pro 58
backpacksREI Co-OpFlash Air 50 MinimalistREI's first entry into the sub-2-lb backpack market, the Flash Air 50 is simple, light, comfortable, and durable.Men's
big agnes tentsheltersBig AgnesCopper Spur HV ComfortHeadroom, porch with awning configuration, interior volume.UL1
sheltersNEMOHornet Osmo PerformanceWind-resistant low profile, very light weight, small packed size.2P
sheltersREI Co-OpFlash Air Tent MinimalistVery light and packable, easy to pitch.1
sheltersKammokMantis Ultralight Hammock System ComfortA complete turnkey ultralight hammock system, hanging comfort, high-quality materials.Mantis
sheltersSea to SummitEscapist Tarp MinimalistSimple rectangular shape with quality materials.Escapist
shelters KammokKuhli Tarps MinimalistQuality materials, catenary edges, trapezoidal shape.Standard
sleeping bagsREI Co-OpMagma Trail Quilt MinimalistBeing one of the best values on the market with a very effective pad attachment system.30F
sleeping bagsREI Co-OpMagma Sleeping Bag PerformanceValue-to-weight ratio is high, quality materials, down fill, draft collar make this a warm bag at this weight.30F
15 F
sleeping bagsThermarestVesper Down Quilt MinimalistSurprisingly warm for its weight, owing to ultralight fabrics, high quality down fill, and a generous draft collar.20F
sleeping bagsRabMythic Ultra 360 ComfortMeticulous design and construction, 900 fill down, and a radiant reflective lining that's soft, comfortable - and yes, warm.Mythic Ultra 360
sleeping bagsSea to SummitSpark PerformanceThe Sea-to-Summit Spark line of down sleeping bags combines sound engineering with high-end materials to create a line of bags with some of the highest warmth-to-weight ratios available.Spark Pro 30
Spark 45F
Spark 45 Women’s
Spark 30F
Spark 30F Women’s
sleeping padsThermarestNeoAir NXT Sleeping Pad PerformanceGold standard of inflatable sleeping pads, now upgraded with more warmth; stable, light, durable, and reliable.XLite
XTherm MAX
sleeping padsNEMOSwitchback Sleeping Pad MinimalistA durable, light, no-fuss, no-fail option.Switchback
sleeping padsSea to Summit Ether Lite XT ComfortStable, durable, easy to inflate, and warm.Mummy Insulated
Rectangular Insulated
Women's Insulated
sleeping padsNEMOTensor PerformanceA former recommendation of ours has returned to the list, now warmer and as stable and quiet as the OG models.All-Season Ultralight Insulated
Extreme Conditions Ultralight Insulated
Trail Ultralight Insulated
footwearMerrellMoab 3 ComfortTrusted design, reliable, durable, supportive.Hiking Shoes Men's
Hiking Shoes Women's
Waterproof Hiking Shoes Men's
Waterproof Hiking Shoes Women's
Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Men's
Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Women's
footwearLa SportivaUltra Raptor PerformanceTechnical design suitable for more difficult terrain.
Mid GTX Boots Men's
Mid GTX Boots Women's
Trail-Running Shoes Men's
footwearDannerTrail 2650 Hiking Shoes MinimalistDurability for long miles in a minimalist design.
Hiking Shoes Men's
Hiking Shoes Women's
footwearHokaSpeedgoat PerformanceHighly protective midsole and cushion for moving fast or carrying heavier loads.Trail Running Shoes Women's
Mid GTX Hiking Boots Men's
Mid GTX Hiking Boots Women's
footwearLa SportivaTX Approach Shoes MinimalistAlpine & desert scrambling in a minimalist design.TX4 Women's
TX Guide Men's
footwearAltraLone Peak ComfortZero-drop trail shoe with wide toebox.Women’s
footwearSalomonSpeedcross 6 PerformanceThe only shoe in this gear guide with a sole designed purposefully with deep lugs for loose terrain, and rubber that's sticky when wet. One of our favorite off-trail mountain shoes.Trail-Running Shoes - Men's
Trail-Running Shoes - Women's
GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes - Men's
GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes - Women's
cookingSotoFusion Trek Stove PerformanceThe most efficient remote-canister stove on the market, a good choice for cold weather backpacking.Fusion
cookingSotoWindmaster Stove With 4Flex Pot Support PerformanceA top-rated stove in our most recent Stovebench survey of upright canister stoves.Windmaster
cookingMSRWindburner Stove System PerformanceA top-rated stove in our most recent Stovebench survey of upright canister stoves.Windburner
cookingMSRPocket Rocket 2 Stove PerformanceThe #1 stove we tested in our most recent Stovebench survey of upright canister stoves.Pocket Rocket
cookingEsbitSolid Fuel Stove and Cookset
PerformanceA tightly-integrated package that provides weather resistance and efficiency not normally found in solid fuel stove systems.Stove and Cookset
cookingToaksLight Titanium Pots
MinimalistThe lightest titanium pots available.550 ml
650 ml
750 ml
900 ml
D115 mm
cookingHumangearGoBites Uno Spork MinimalistCompact form factor, durable, and comfortable to eat with.titanium
cookingToaksLong Handled Titanium Spoon MinimalistRecommended when eating packaged meals out of their plastic or mylar bags.Spoon
hydrationHydrapakFlux Water Treatment System
PerformanceHigh-quality filter cap + durable and taste-free soft-sided bottles; our recommendation for a squeeze filter over other options from Platypus, Sawyer, and Katadyn.42mm Filter Cap
Flux 1.5 L Bottle + Filter Cap System
Seeker 3.0L Bottle + Filter Cap System
hydrationPlatypusGravityWorks Water Treatment System PerformanceRecommended for groups and basecamping, one of the lightest gravity filters available.4L
hydrationAquatabsWater Purification Tablets
PerformanceRecommended for backup or additional water treatment when crypto or giardia cysts highly suspected (e.g., sheep or cattle-grazing mountain and desert areas of the US West).Aquatabs
hydrationSawyerSqueeze Water Filter System
Performance#1 choice of water treatment by thru-hikers, compatibility with Smartwater bottles a big plus.Squeeze System
hydrationAquamiraAquamira MinimalistVery effective, fast, light, with no foul tastes or odors.Aquamira
hydrationPlatypusWater Bottles MinimalistThe gold standard of collapsible water bottles - still the lightest.34 oz
hydrationHydrapakSeeker Water Bottles
MinimalistWhen you need more water storage in a collapsible form factor.2 L Seeker
3L Seeker
4 L Seeker
electronicsFenixHM50R Headlamp PerformanceRecommended when you need a lightweight headlamp that offers a very bright mode for navigation when needed.HM50R
electronicsGoProHero 11 Black Camera PerformanceHigh frame rates, high resolutions, ease of use, image quality, waterproof, extensible, easy to use, capable of pro/cinematic audio and video.Hero 11
electronicsBioLiteCharge PD Power Bank PerformanceDurable, reliable, light, fast-charge delivery.20
electronicsGarminepix Watch PerformanceBetter battery life and a much better screen than the Fenix line, this is our new recommendation for GPS watches.Pro (Gen 2) Sapphire Edition
(Gen 2) Sapphire Multisport GPS
Pro (Gen 2) Standard Edition
(Gen 2) Multisport GPS
electronicsGarmininReach Mini 2 PerformanceThe most functional and lightest standalone satellite communicator and GPS, with versatility when paired with a smartphone.Mini 2
electronicsZOLEOSatellite Communicator ComfortEasy to use smartphone app, seamless communications across satellite & cellular channels.Satelite Communicator
electronicsGarmininReach Messenger MinimalistLess bulky than an inReach Mini, with a much longer battery life. Best option if you predominantly use your phone and don't need the inReach Mini's more robust navigation features.inReach Messenger
chairsHelinoxChair Zero ComfortLight, compact, comfortable for more upright sitting position.Chair Zero
chairsREI Co-OpFlexlite Air Chair PerformanceLightest real chair, comfortable for slightly reclined sitting position.Flexlite Air
chairsREI Co-OpFlexlite Air Stool MinimalistThe new Flexlite Air Stool shaves 5+ ounces off the weight of the popular Flexlite Air Chair for people wanting a faster-to-deploy and more compact place to sit, especially useful for on-the-trail breaks when you normally wouldn't pull out your chair.Flexlite Air Stool
chairsCrazy CreekHex Chair
MinimalistWhen you need a chair for sitting in your tent, or to serve multi-use as part of sleeping pad system.Original
jackets - rainArc'teryxBeta LT PerformanceLightest jacket with absolute reliability for consistently stormy conditions and moderately abrasive environments.Men's
jackets - rainPatagoniaTorrentshell 3L PerformanceHigh breathability and low weight at a very reasonable price point.Men's
jackets - rainOutdoor ResearchForay / Aspire PerformanceWhen ventilation is your highest priority - 2-way hem zips vent the entire sides of the jacket.Men's
jackets - rainOutdoor ResearchHelium MinimalistWhen light weight is your highest priority, and you only need a rain jacket for intermittent use.Men's
jackets - insulatedPatagoniaNano Puff ComfortA thin and very layerable jacket, especially under a rain jacket when layering bulk is not desirable.Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
Men's Hoodie
Women's Hoodie
jackets - insulatedArc'teryxAtom LT PerformanceWarmer and loftier than the Nano Puff, with more breathable fabrics that mitigate overheating.Women's Jacket
Women's Hoodie
jackets - insulatedArc'teryxCerium PerformanceModerate warmth-to-weight ratio, high manufacturing quality, durable but light fabrics.Men's Jacket
Men's Hoodie
Women's Hoodie
jackets - insulatedREI650 Down Jacket MinimalistA very budget-friendly option that provides solid performance for the value.Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
jackets - insulatedMountain HardwearGhost Whisperer ComfortA minimal-loft, ultralight down layer for mild weather.Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
Men's Hoodie
Women's Hoodie
food storageBearVaultFood Storage Canisters
ComfortCost-effective, clear view of contents, easy to use, extremely reliable.BV425 Sprint
BV450 Jaunt
BV475 Trek
BV500 Journey
food storageUrsackMajor Food Storage Bags PerformanceVery light and easy to use food storage option for areas not requiring hard-sided bear canisters.Major
Major XL
Major 2XL
trekking polesBlack DiamondAlpine Carbon Cork
PerformanceFor the weight, one of the sturdiest and durable trekking poles on the market.Unisex
trekking polesSwiftland TTCarbon Folding Trekking Poles MinimalistThe new Swiftland Carbon folding poles weigh only 5-6 ounces per pole and fold down to a size compact enough to strap to shoulder straps using bungee cords, making them accessible for thru-hikers, runners, and hikers who don't need poles all the time and don't want to take their pack on/off to access them.Carbon Folding Trekking Poles
trekking polesBlack DiamondDistance Carbon Trekking Poles
MinimalistCompact, folding, lightweight carbon poles with a long-standing reputation for durability.Distance Carbon Z
Distance Carbon FLZ
jackets - windArc'teryxSquamish PerformanceHigh exertion levels, durability, and storms. High MVTR, high APR, and a real storm hood.Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
jackets - windPatagoniaHoudini PerformanceA lot of bang for your buck for a moderate MVTR, low APR wind shirt for high winds, cold temps, and lower exertion levels.Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
jackets - windPatagoniaAirshed Pro PerformanceWarmer conditions or higher exertion levels where a high MVTR, very high APR wind shirt is desirable.Men's Jacket

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