This is an original X-Mid Pro 1 with the woven floor. I purchased this tent new in February of 2023 but have only used it 4 nights on trail (pics of said excursions posted in ad). It’s a great tent, I just find myself reaching for my other tents instead of this one. I know many people absolutely love this tent so I’m hoping someone else will get some use out of it! Price includes the tent, bag and ground sheet. Tent is like new, always pitched with the ground sheet. The ground sheet has a bit of dust on it, otherwise looks new without wear or punctures. I can even throw in a Durston sticker since I know that’s a selling point for some! I’ve also attached an ultralight mitten hook at the interior above each zipper door for hanging a line or your light and added elastic cordage at a few tie-out points (which can easily be removed if desired) I’ll include CONUS shipping and Paypal G&S if that’s the desired payment method.