ULA Equipment Circuit backpack, 4200 cu inches, , 68 L

  • TORSO SIZE:  LARGE: 21″ – 24″
  • PACK COLOR: Black/gray
  • HIPBELT SIZE:  MEDIUM: 34″ – 38″


Great shape.  Its been on 1 trip:

36 miles, Rae Lakes Loop (great trip!)

Went thru a period of trying several packs: Gregory, Deuter, Osprey, Hyperlite ULA.  Finally settled on a Gegory Baltorro.

This Circuit is everything they claim.  Super light, super rugged, a ton of space.  The reason Im not sticking with it is because I tend to pack heavy, averaging 40 pounds.  This pack can claims a max load of 35 pounds, which is a lot for a ultralight packer.  At my average of 40 pounds at 12 miles in or so the belt started to dig in to my hips like most ultralights do with my load, which is expected because as an ultra light bag the hip belt padding is not super thick and not designed for that.  I would rate this bag as being more comfortable at a max of 30, not 35.  IMO.

Inside is just deep and spacious, with a roll top closure.  Little dirt stain on bottom because, well, that’s where is rests every time you set it down. The rest is in fantastic shape.

Paid $275. Used once.  Hoping to get $175 with Free shipping.  Thanks for looking.