New season to hike and then here is a chance to sleep like a baby and in a hammock!

Here is a SUL, mint, Dutchware Chameleon 1 layer orange 1.0 fabric, 11ft, WITH ALL BEST accessories : asym bug top (light), morrocan blue sym solid top (moonlight with zip that morphs in bugnet), yellow sidecar and yellow sidesling (2 light very cool storage), beetle buckle suspension (not SUL but prefer because easy working with, UQ protector, double dutch net included if you find a 2nd Chameleon

225 usd shipped

And then about a pillow, no a SUL jacket, both at the same time:

Here is my Pico Top from Crux (UK), red medium down pullover (6oz) that you can store in it’s own pocket to become your hammock pillow..120usd shipped!

Rain you say, rain is great from a hammock:

You go solo: the amazing SLD Haven tarp dark green 11f mint 105usd shipped!

You go duo, Dutchware really state of the heart Tarp for two with possibility of three poles that come with it to open the space really wide, burnt orange, no worries in hunting season.

All you really need with that is love of the outdoors and maybe quilt and UQ, I might help there…

Shipping from Montreal. If somebody lives near, I have a Tato Gear hammock stand to sell 200usd (half-price) for camping car in places without trees…

All the best,