Weight: 12.3 oz

Measures approximately 34x10x8 inches (my measurements by tape)

This is an original pack produced summer 2019 and DOES NOT incorporate a modular shoulder strap system (advertised on the website today). 

This pack is very basic (no loops for a hip belt accessory or back pad attachment points). The pack is cut from a single piece of fabric and closed with two side seams to increase its water resistance. The seams are not taped, however.

It has a stretchy continuous front/side pocket and a bottom pocket (blue section), as well as 6 separate pockets on the vest-style shoulder straps.

This pack is a ‘small’ torso size of approximately 18” (not so important since it’s a frameless pack with no no hip belt). The 40L capacity includes the pocket volume…the interior is roughly 31L (25L to the collar).

I used this pack for approximately 20 day hikes and 6 overnights. I was hoping to be able to use it for thru-hiking but I’ve since determined that it’s just too small a volume to meet my needs. You need to be very committed to a minimalist, ultralight kit with this pack. But it’s great for overnights and short trips. 

As far as wear/alterations go, due to little use and also because I take very good care of my gear, the pack is in excellent condition. The shoulder pocket material shows a little wear from items I’ve stuck inside. The wear doesn’t amount to holes…it just looks more worn as you can see by the light spots in the picture. Also, I trimmed a little off the ends of the chest straps but I think there should be a sufficient amount left for adjustments to a bigger chest size. If not, Nashville Packs can furnish new chest straps. The Liteskin (main body of the pack) looks brand new, with no holes, abrasions, or even creases.

Nashville Cutaway