“The mission from the very beginning was to build the very best product we could, bar none. No real constraints and no real timelines.”

A few years ago Patagonia pulled out all the stops to create these jackets and made a limited run (I think 500 or 1000). I snagged one (#198). Men’s size Medium.

A quick Google will yield all the information you need to know about these things. I recommend checking out:




Some highlights:

1000 fill power water resistant down.

100% independently baffled construction: At no place on the entire parka does a single stitch extend from the exterior shell all the way through to the inside lining. This guarantees that none of those specially treated feathers are going to shift to some place that they shouldn’t and thus compromise the jacket’s uniformity of insulation.

Double draft tubes along the main zipper.

Large front pockets (cut big enough to fit gloved hands), positioned above the harness line.

Carefully split baffles around the pockets and zippers maintain uniformity of fill without adding extra bulk.

Meticulously laid out baffles of varying widths running through traditional compression areas (i.e. under your arms and around your shoulders) ensure equal warmth everywhere.

A micro snow skirt with hideaway drawcord seals the waistline.

Inside stash pockets positioned on the side panels as opposed to industry standard of up front placement.

A hood that fits snug with or without a helmet.

Lifetime CO2 Cleaning Service: “All you need to do is send your jacket back during the off season and Patagonia will handle – and pick up the tab on – the cleaning.”

All those details are taken directly from Patagonia. I will add that the jacket is incredibly warm, light, puffy, well-designed. They aren’t lying when they elevate it to “work of art status.”

Mine is a men’s size medium, number 198 (unique label sewn into interior). I bought it shortly after it was released, but was living in Las Vegas at the time and never wore it beyond a few dog-walks around the block. It is in excellent, like new condition, clean, odor-free, stored hanging on a wooden hanger uncompressed in a closet in a smoke-free and dry household. It appears new. Patagonia will do their special CO2 cleaning of this jacket for free, for life (all you have to do is complete the form they created for the jacket and send it in to them in Reno, I believe). I saved a PDF version of the blank Encapsil cleaning form and will include the file if you purchase it (you’re not just buying the jacket you’re also getting this awesome service).

The bad news:

I misplaced the original stuff sack that came with the jacket, but Patagonia made me a new one (with this jacket in mind) and sent it to me. The replacement is nice and feels like it belongs with the jacket.

There is the tiniest bit of dirt on the cords of the zipper pulls on the main zipper and pockets. I’m sure this would be easy to clean with a little effort, or you could replace the cords if you were really concerned, but honestly you will probably not even notice this. I’m just trying to provide full disclosure.

And, of course, I’m asking a lot of money. These were $700 new (if you were quick enough to get one), and over the following years I have routinely seen them sell for $1200-$1500 on eBay. I haven’t seen them listed in recent years leading me to believe they are extremely rare – especially in this condition. I will only ship this jacket fully insured, but I’m including shipping in the cost of the jacket. You’re also welcome to pick it up in person if we can arrange a rendezvous. We will also have to discuss payment methods as I want us both to be fully comfortable since this is a lot of money.

I am reluctantly selling this jacket because I don’t wear it and have a hard time justifying it.

I can send more photos on request to serious buyers.