Awesome hammock that has been used for a total of one night. I chose every lightweight upgrade I could on this, making it the most UL hammock Dream would make at the time. More pics:

Full order confirmation below, save $50 and weeks of wait time:

Hammock Length: 11ft

Hammock Width: Special Width

Special Width: 60

Layers: Single

Outside Layer Fabric: 1.2oz MTN-XL

Outside Layer Color: Foliage

Inside Layer Fabric-Use Only For Double Layer Hammocks: None

Zipper Size: #3 Coil

Lay Direction: Right Lay – Head Left / Feet Right

Lay Preference: Head At Zipper

Suspension: Continuous Loop

Tree Straps: 1″ 1500lb: None

UQ Hooks-TO Hooks: Both

Ridgeline Organizer: Yes

Quantity: 1

Price (each): $167.00

Gear Sling

SKU 00093

Fabric: 1.2oz MTN-XL

Fabric Color: Foliage

Quantity: 1

Price (each): $27.00

Colored Amsteel

SKU 00070

Head end: Silver (Standard)

Foot End: Black

Ridgeline: Silver (Standard)

Quantity: 1

Price (each): $3.00

Netting Upgrade

SKU 00260

Fabric: .67oz Noseeum, Black

Quantity: 1

Price (each): $12.00

Peak Shelf

SKU 00057

Type: Sewn On (not available on Dariens)

Quantity: 1

Price (each): $20.00