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In November 2015, when we ported the website over to a new server, our customer service left a lot to be desired.

This wasn’t something I was OK with, and redefining how we do support become a high priority.

Jessica Ulary has been our customer support manager since then, and we’ve been able to create a suite of support processes and work ethics that (I hope!) you have had the chance to experience.

We also moved to a terrific customer support platform – HelpScout – which has made our support issue tracking much easier. It allows us to take care of our customers in a more meaningful way.

Over the last 12 months, Jessica has received a “Great” rating from 92% of our customers who have filed support issues and decided to write a review.

So, please give her a chance if you have any sort of support question. She’s well qualified and capable, and has a true heart of service to help you out!

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