I was a long-term wearer of another well-known brand of thick woollen socks for many years before I met these - in a gear test in fact. I was impressed as soon as I put them on: they felt thick and robust - and I have known many socks in my life. My wife, who is sometimes just a shade suspicious about my gear enthusiasms, took to them as well, and with the same enthusiasm. As a former research scientist in a textile physics / wool research laboratory, I also knew a bit about socks from the technical side of things.

Many months later, having abused the ever-loving-daylights out of them on tracks, on scree, walking in sandy rivers, walking in the snow, and so on, in light to very light footwear, I was still wearing my first pair. In fact it was several YEARS before that pair finally developed a small hole in one heel and were discarded. Basically, I had been deliberately wearing that one pair for all my walking, just to see how long they would last. The photo here shows the sock I had been wearing after about a year beside a new unused one. The used one has shrunk slightly, but still looks pretty good.


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