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For some, it’s a way to continue hiking through the winter.

For others, it’s a necessary burden of winter travel because they can’t afford backcountry ski gear.

For still others, it’s a complicated morass of ill-fitting bindings, snowshoes falling off constantly, hinges icing up, snow and ice balls forming underfoot, and comical falls resulting from trying to maneuver a big paddle with a hinged foot.

When you first see the Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes, they look so different from anything else that you can’t help but wonder if they will save you from winter travel confusion and solve your snowshoeing distress.

Let’s see if they live up to their promise.

Image courtesy of Crescent Moon.


  • Flexible rocker deck;
  • Dual Density EVA foam deck construction (similar to a running shoe sole);
  • Teardrop shape (as opposed to oval) to encourage a more natural stride and improve maneuverability;
  • Hook and loop binding;
  • Molded “sole” includes cleats / lugs for traction.


  • Dimensions: width 8 in (20 cm ) x length 24 in (61 cm);
  • Manufacturer’s Claimed Weight: 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) / pr;
  • User weight limit (recommended): < 200 lb (91 kg),
  • Footwear size range: 7W to 14M.
Image courtesy of Crescent Moon.

Review Context

For the purpose of this review, I’m most interested in how the Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes perform:

  • while wearing soft, light, trail running shoes;
  • in the context of multi-day backcountry travel (backpacking);
  • on a wide variety of snow surface types, densities, and slope angles.

Description of Field Testing

These snowshoes were evaluated at the higher altitudes (9,000+ feet / 2743 m) of the Medicine Bow National Forest in Southeast Wyoming (Snowy Range) on snow surfaces that ranged from hard-packed trail to untracked, steep, backcountry slopes.

Photo: Stephanie Jordan.

Performance Assessment

When evaluating the performance of the Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes, I was interested in criteria that make these snowshoes somewhat unique (rocker design, cushioned deck, fixed binding, the durability of the EVA cleats). In addition, I was interested in how the Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes performed relative to more traditional snowshoe models (binding use, traction, flotation, and climbing performance).

  • Weight Verification
  • Rocker Design / Break-in Period
  • Cushioned Deck
  • Fixed Binding
  • Hook and Loop Binding Closures
  • Cleat Durability
  • Traction on Icy Surfaces
  • Flotation in Deep Snow
  • Climbing Performance (Steep Slopes)

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