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There are conditions where a 5-pound tent is classified as ultralight. A silnylon tarp or tarp/shelter with trekking pole supports won't cut it when exposed to heavy snow and/or high winds above the treeline. What you need is a lightweight bomber tent.

Bomber tents have a different focus than backpacking tents; they are designed to handle high winds, snow loads, and situations that may require you to wait out a storm - sometimes for days. Instead of using the lightest fabrics, they use stronger and more durable fabrics. They have integrated crossing pole structures to withstand high snow and windloading. The tents reviewed here are among the lightest of bomber tents. They range from a little over 3 pounds to just under 6 pounds. This is heavy compared to 2 pound silnylon tents and tarptents, but light compared to traditional bomber four-season climbing tents which can easily weigh 8 to 10 pounds for a two person tent. Bomber tents are more expensive than backpacking tents. The average price of the tents reviewed is a hefty $665.00.

This series of bomber tent reviews will discuss the design characteristics and performance in the field of several of the best new shelters available that can handle the toughest weather: the Mountain Hardwear EV2, Nemo Tenshi, Outdoor Designs Summit Extreme, and Crux X2 Storm.


  • Introduction
  • Condensation Resistance, Area to Weight Ratio
  • Stability
  • Features and Strengths
  • TABLE: Ratings Table for Bomber Tents Reviewed by
  • TABLE: In Brief Specifications for Bomber Tents Reviewed by
  • Gear Guides: Single Wall Tents and Double Wall Tents
  • Gear Guide Selection Criteria
  • 2005 Bomber Tent Reviews - Explanation of Review Criteria
  • Specifications
    • Weight: Manufacturer Minimum
    • Weight: Backpacking Light Minimum
    • Total Shelter Area
    • Total Shelter Area/BackpackingLight Minimum Weight Ratio
  • Features
    • Usable Features / Ease of Use
    • Weight / Sizing *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Usable Space *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Wind Stability *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Storm Protection *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Ease of Pitch *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Ventilation / Condensation Resistance *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
    • Insect Protection
    • Durability *SCORED IN RATING TABLE
  • 2005 Bomber Tent Reviews - Index of Reviews
  • Manufacturer / Model
    • Crux X2 Storm
    • Mountain Hardwear EV2
    • Nemo Tenshi
    • Outdoor Designs Summit Extreme

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