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Big Agnes sees their new Sarvis series as a slightly larger version of their popular Seedhouse series of tents. Where the Seedhouse SL2 can be a bit cramped, the Big Agnes Sarvis Superlight 2+ tent has room for two campers and all their gear. The Big Agnes Sarvis SL2+ tent has 4.5 square feet more floor area and 8 inches more peak height than the Seedhouse SL2. The Big Agnes Sarvis SL2+ tent has an additional crossover center pole, and the Big Agnes Sarvis tents have "a unique hybrid construction, combining the weight savings of single wall with the flexibility and ventilation of double wall." The single walled eVENT rear panels and front double walled portion of the Big Agnes Sarvis SL2+ eVENT tent along with three strategic vents are designed to reduce condensation. I field tested the Big Agnes Sarvis SL2+ eVENT tent to measure its livability, storm worthiness, and wind resistance to determine if its features offset its 4 pound weight. Big Agnes Sarvis Superlight SL2+ eVENT, Awesome or Awful? Read the review.


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