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Backcountry Tenkara Fishing is an online course that will help you save weight and complexity while fishing in the backcountry. Learn about the gear, skills, and tactics that will help you master the art of tenkara fishing.

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About this Course

The Backcountry Tenkara Masterclass is an authoritative and comprehensive program for mastering the art of tenkara fishing. This course offers a complete overview of the gear, skills, and tactics necessary for success, and is tailored to both novice and seasoned anglers.⁠

Screenshots from the Video Modules:

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Backcountry Tenkara covers a wide range of topics, including rigging, casting mechanics, and the nuances of alpine lake and mountain stream fishing. With special attention paid to casting in the wind and long line tenkara fishing, participants will develop a deep understanding of the techniques necessary for a successful backcountry fishing experience.⁠

Backcountry Tenkara includes a wealth of curated knowledge, based on years of personal experience and professional tenkara guiding and instruction, to provide you with comprehensive and practical tenkara fishing education specifically targeted to hikers, backpackers, and other backcountry users. We’ve designed the course with both theoretical concepts and practical applications in mind, ensuring that you’ll be able to immediately apply what you learn to your next fishing excursion.⁠

Join us now and discover the joys of tenkara fishing in the backcountry, as you explore some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world with confidence and skill!

Total Video Content (currently): 5+ hours!

Enrollment in this course gives you access to all new and updated content added to the course over time.

In addition to the currently published course content (see Curriculum on this page), the following modules are currently in development and will be released next:

  • Troubleshooting Casting Issues
  • Techniques for Manipulating the Fly
  • Fish On! Hook Set, Landing, and Releasing
  • Humanely Killing, Cleaning, and Cooking Trout in the Backcountry (Can Tenkara Fishing Save You Food Weight?)

Course Curriculum

Module 1

An Overview of Backcountry Tenkara: Tenkara Fishing as a Twelve-Step Process

Module 2

Introduction to Tenkara (Your First Cast)

Module 3

Tenkara Gear Overview

Module 4

Rigging Part 1: Gear

Module 5

Rigging Part 2: Methods

Module 6

Stealth: The Practice of Staying Invisible to Fish

Module 7

Tenkara Casting Mechanics

Module 8

Types of Tenkara Casts

Module 9

Advanced Casting Sequences

Module 10

Integrating the Approach, the Cast, and Managing Drift

Module 11

Case Study: Tenkara Fishing on a Tiny Tumbling Mountain Stream

Module 12

Case Study: Tenkara Fishing on an Alpine Lake with Wind and Shoreline Trees

Module 13

Addendum: Repairing a Tenkara Zoom Rod

Module 14

Tenkara Speaker Series No. 1: TJ Ferreira and John Geer