Avalanche Safety for Backcountry Travelers

The winter can make popular locations your personal sanctuary; however avalanche safety and preparation are crucial to enjoying the pristine conditions.

Hydration for Lightweight Backpackers

Dehydration is more than water loss - it's about the salts too.

Skiing the John Muir Trail

When the snow resembles cement and you're making one mile per hour or less at times, what would YOU do?

Turbo Bear Bag Hanging

Learn the tips and techniques to ensure that YOU, not bears, are eating your food at the end of the day.

Trouble in Paradise: Altitude Illness in SEKI

Serious illness in remote areas can end poorly. Knowing your group's fitness level, experience, and lightweight ethic are key parts to a successful self-rescue and a happy ending.

Done in a Day

Kevin Sawchuk shares his how-to on fast day hikes, and his why-to, too.

Reducing Winter Pack Weight: Wood Fire Cooking in the Snow

For the hardcore ultralighter, cooking over wood fires in the winter offers a way to substantially reduce pack weight on longer trips, adds a bit of warmth around camp, and forces you to learn fire skills that just might save your life someday.

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