Washing clothes is definitely not exciting, but using the right cleaning agent could make a big difference in how well your eVENT jacket keeps its water repellency. Atsko launched a new product called Sport-Wash that they claim restores water repellency to waterproof-breathable clothing better than Nikwax’s Tech Wash: one of the industry standards.

A residue-free laundry detergent, Sport Wash is a cheaper alternative to other high performance washing solutions such as Revivex (interestingly, Atsko does not disclose data comparing its product to Revivex branded formulations). The data they do disclose, however, indicates, based on ASTM standard test methods, that Sport Wash exceeds the performance of Nikwax Tech Wash for a wide variety of waterproof breathable products, including those made with Gore-Tex, 2- and 3-layer eVENT, and others.

Above all, the data indicate that – for God’s sake: don’t use Tide or Woolite for washing your waterproof-breathable gear.