Carbon fiber trekking poles are becoming quite common. We have reviewed an astonishing variety in the past year from large and small companies. Fixed length, 2-segment, and 3-segment poles with all manner of grips, straps, and locking systems have been examined. One thing many of the poles have in common though is their fairly high price. A notable exception can be found with the Alpkit Carbonlite Trekking Pole Review written by Doug Johnson last fall. Alpkit has since refined the pole, making several changes which I believe have made a value-leading trekking pole better yet.


  • Introduction
  • What's Good
  • What's Not So Good
  • Specifications: Year/Model, Style, Shaft Material, Tips, Grips, Grip Size, Weight, Pole Length, Baskets Included? - Yes, Basket Type, MSRP
  • Performance
  • What's Unique
  • Recommendations for Improvement

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