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The Western Mountaineering Flight Vest provides one of the highest warmth:weight ratios of any garment on the market. You can use this vest for cold rest stops, to boost an underrated sleeping bag, or to throw in your daypack for a cold and windy summit. The vest stuffs down to a ball about five inches (13 cm) in diameter (about the size of a grapefruit). Like most down garments, the Flight vest is ideally suited for staying warm when you’re not too active in dry weather. This review discusses features and technical specifications of the Western Mountaineering Flight Vest, including loft, fabric water resistance and breathability, insulating quality, temperature regulation, usability, and size/fit. In addition, we dicuss performance features including storm resistance, breathability, warmth, its role as part of a sleep system, applicability for mountaineering/climbing, and recommendations for improvement.
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