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The GoLite Hex is a pyramid-style floorless shelter supported by a single center pole. The GoLite Hex is ideally suited as a winter snow camping shelter because of its floorless design, and the fact that its walls can be staked to the ground surface, thus eliminating any possibility of wind or spindrift intrusion. Backpacking Light has tested the GoLite Hex in both temperate and winter conditions, and evaluated its performance on a number of factors of interest to the lightweight backpacking enthusiast. These factors include: features and specifications of the GoLite Hex, an overview of the tarp shelter's design, analysis of its weight, interior volume, and floor space, construction details, stake-out and pole options, floor option, ventilation and condensation resistance, ease of setup, storm resistance, and recommendations for improvement. The GoLite Hex withstood nights that included rain, sleet, hail and 40-50 mph wind gusts, completely exposed on a ridge at over 12,000 feet. The GoLite Hex is an excellent shelter with few flaws. It might be the only 2 lb, three-person shelter in production that is suitable for the rigors of light mountaineering and winter camping. The Hex is by no means only for hardcore alpinists, although it is ideally suited for that crowd. We believe that casual backpackers will find utility in the GoLite Hex as well. The GoLite Hex is an ideal shelter for two to share. It is nearly as storm-resistant as a conventional tent, but it is roomier, easier to pitch, and provides more pleasant living space in terms of usable interior volume. In short, the GoLite Hex earns its A grade, with minor limitations that the reader should be made aware of. These limitations are also discussed in this review.
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