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A job in West Texas sounded like a miserable place for a mountain lover but I learned there are some hidden gems in West Texas worth discovering. In 2013 I needed a job and ended up teaching in Midland, Texas. If you've never been there Midland is a flat dusty place in West Texas. I wasn't thrilled about the location till I looked at a map. The Guadalupe Mountains were only about 3 1/2 hours away. I filed that information away for the future and dove into my new job.


  • Introduction
  • Hiking to the "Bowl" - Hike 1
  • A Plan Comes Together
  • Dog Canyon - Hike 2
  • Day hike up Guadalupe Peak - Hike 3
  • McKittrick Canyon - Hikes 4 and 5
  • Prior Cabin - Hike 6
  • Gear thoughts
  • Epilogue

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