Backpacking Light’s company core values are advocacy, expertise, and generosity.


We are consumer advocates for outdoor recreationists. Our industry ecosystem includes product brands and service providers, their public relations agencies, affiliate marketers, and influencers/ ambassadors. We investigate, disclose, and evaluate their marketing practices and product claims, so consumers can make informed decisions about how to best spend their time, money, and energy. We help consumers make better buying decisions and we help manufacturers make better products.

We also work with elected and appointed policymakers, land management agencies, conservation groups, trail advocacy organizations, and others that share common values around public land access, preservation, and stewardship.


Our information, education, and recommendations will be backed by our expertise and experience in backcountry travel, outdoor guiding and education, and product design and engineering. We back it up with our own research, testing, and field experience. The information products we create embody trust, objectivity, and clarity.

We cultivate trust and transparency with full disclosure into how we practice business, moderate our community, and make decisions. We use our expertise to educate and inform in a manner that’s focused on helping people thrive outdoors.


We aim to create a generous culture that’s kind, gives freely, and is inclusive. This is the core value we ask of our community, how our company strives to treat our members, how we support each other as a staff, and how we spend our time advocating for public lands access, preservation, and stewardship.


If these values resonate with you, please consider joining our community.