Course Details

  • Title: Synthetic Insulation – Technology, Use, and Applications in Lightweight Outdoor Apparel and Sleep Systems
  • Presenter: Ryan Jordan – Publisher, Backpacking Light
  • Length: 1 hour 27 minutes

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Webinar Video (Synthetic Insulation)

Webinar Overview

  • When, and why, synthetic is a better choice than down.
  • How new insulations like PlumaFill compare to what we “believe” are / were “state of the art” insulations like Apex.
  • How synthetic vs. down insulations manage humidity, condensation, rain resistance, and dry time.

We also address some of the dogmatic statements espoused by outdoor bloggers, magazines, and so-called experts. These statements create fake drama, attract antagonists, and draw clicks. Some examples that we’ll address in this webinar:

  • “Down is best in a dry climate like the Rockies.” I’ll explain why, and when, this is false.
  • “Synthetic is more durable than down, and is a better economic choice.” I’ll explain why this sort of half-truth is dangerous.
  • “Down has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio.” This is one of our favorites, and it’s also false in a variety of situations.