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It goes without saying that Arizona is hot in July, especially in the lowlands of Phoenix, aka the "Valley of the Sun." I'd hoped to escape the heat by climbing 7500 feet by car, and 3800 feet on foot, to the summit of Mt Humphreys, Arizona's highest point. Unfortunately, the whole state was experiencing temperatures 10 degrees above normal. Even on the Humphreys summit at 12,643 feet, it was windless and 90 degrees. Carrying less than 5 pounds of gear definitely had its advantages, keeping my initial pack weight under 16 pounds, even with 8 pounds of water. But what was it like in camp at 10,000 feet?


  • Introduction
  • Gear - How'd it work?
    • Western Mountaineering HighLite
    • Platypus Hydration Hose
    • Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles
    • Mini Bull Design Stealth Stove.
    • Snow Peak Titanium Bowl
  • Behavior Modification
  • TABLE: Sub-5 Gear List for July, Mt Humphreys, AZ
  • Upcoming Sub-5 Challenge Trips
    • August: Summer mountains, Utah
    • September: East coast early fall, New York
    • October: Western mountains, California, Montana, or Arizona
  • Expected Conditions / Context for August, Utah Mountains
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