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This webinar has been rescheduled to the end of the month. The new date and time will be announced in the Backpacking Light Email Newsletter.

  • Date: May 2024, Day TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Duration: TBD
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This webinar investigates hollow fiber membrane squeeze filters commonly used by backcountry enthusiasts for water filtration. These filters, including the Sawyer Squeeze and Katadyn BeFree, are praised for their portability and efficacy against bacteria and protozoa. However, they face challenges like susceptibility to clogging, risk of damage from freezing, and some efficacy limitations. We also discuss different configurations, parts of the filter, and operational issues (and how to resolve them).

Event Program

Module 1

Squeeze Filters

  • Squeeze Filters Overview
    • Introduction to hollow fiber membrane squeeze filters
    • Brands: Sawyer, Katadyn, Platypus, Hydrapak, Lifestraw, and others
    • Configurations: squeeze bottle, inline with bladder, gravity filter setup
  • Design and Operation
    • Construction and design
    • Filtration media and efficacy mechanisms
    • Photomicrography of hollow fiber membranes
  • Performance and Maintenance
    • Efficacy data against bacteria and protozoa
    • Clogging and freezing
    • Backflushing requirements and process
    • Long-term storage considerations
    • Use in combination with other technologies
  • Limits and Dependencies
    • Limitations
    • Evaluating the physical integrity of the filter
    • Operational challenges in different environments
    • Life expectancy, maintenance, long-term storage
  • Comparative Advantages
    • Benefits compared to other water treatment methods
    • Gravity usage and combination setups