We recently reviewed the previous shoe in this series, the MT875OR, after I took a pair through Switzerland for two months over many mountain passes. Normally one does not expect a large change between successive models - often it is just a marketing-driven change of number with a few trim changes - but no so in this case. I was reasonably happy with the MT875OR shoes; these MT876OR shoes seem to have had some significant changes.

The shoes are described as 'highly responsive lightweight trainer built for the off-road runner seeking exceptional cushioning and ground contact... the 876 offers outstanding performance for the dedicated extreme terrain runner.' We (my wife and I) received two identical pairs (Mens, US 10, 4E) for testing as soon as they were released in April 2010. (Yes, my wife takes a man's fitting.) The shoes weigh 364 g (12.8 oz) each for that size.

The sole design has changed significantly. The MT875OR shoes had large (mud-shedding?) lugs which were widely spaced, and there was always a risk that one might begin to feel the individual lugs through the sole if the footbed started to break down at all. On these MT876OR shoes the sole design is a lot more 'traditional' - a cross between a jogger design and the original Vibram style. This gives these soles a very distinct edge far more suited to rock work.


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