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Jörgen Johansson

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Jorgen Johansson got addicted to hiking the mountains of Swedish Lapland in his teens. After finishing high-school he emigrated to Canada, but later returned to spend some time in the Swedish Army. Since then he has made numerous backpacking trips in Scandinavia and Canada as well as in western United States and Alaska.

He discovered lightweight backpacking in the early years of this millenium and has since written a number of books on this subject, some in Swedish as well as the Smarter Backpacking series of books in English. In 2007 he took part in the inaugural Trekker III Course in advanced backpacking run by

Jorgen lives with his family just north of Stockholm and runs his own company, doing market research. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the yearly event Coast2Coast Sweden, a 400 kilometer trek across the southern part of his native land. His passion is writing and lecturing about the benefits of safe and comfortable hiking and how this can be done with a light pack.