Used these for years. Poles pack down for travel and current TSA approval. Use backpacking  climbing; training; definitely crossing waters.  When I travel with these, pack ’em INSIDE my pack or suitcase, rubber-banded together so they are not lost…..

Using any poles requires practice.

Used in Big Bend, Colorado Trail,  Europe, some places in Arizona, El Paso, TX, Lone Star Trail, Texas, Florida Trail,  Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, Trail Ridge Road,  RMNP in Colorado and other places in US, Canada and Europe; I always take them.  NOT an age-related item. Prevented me from embarrassing falls, ice,  snow, rocks, water, and other elements.

Recommend. Can also be used for “relocation” of Trail critters, and, plants.

Poles can be fragile; once broken, discard and buy new. Take apart and clean carefully after use. Poles can not be fixed.Purchased carbon for weight.   Used extensively.  Good product. Versatile.

You must have correct length–so get fitted. Options for “feet”. Suggest researching extensively what kinds of “feet” available as dimensions may be brand-specific. You  get what you pay.

Multi purpose when used for tent-pitching.