Definitely ultralight but also very weak material that breaks very easily.  Both poles broke below lower joint during third hike.  No warranty for pole breakage even on day # 1 (check web site fine print).  Unlike a tent, backpack, or sleeping bag, you can’t always choose exactly how your poles are employed.  Sometimes poles can be used with a light touch and in other circumstances when you lose you balance, etc. and put your weight on a pole (one of the purposes of poles), the pole will receive some stress.  The LT5s cannot handle such stress.  Great for weight savings but require babying and therefore not a very useful piece of gear despite a high price.  This is a good example of ultralight gear that fails because even though it’s low weight it does not adequately perform its basic function if used for any kind of serious backpacking.  However, these poles may be fine for easy hiking on groomed trails or day hikes around the neighborhood and similar activities.