I bought the Econ Burrow after getting into hammocking and backpacking for my first quilt. I ordered the 20* with 2oz overstuff.

All things HG have top quality craftsmanship. Their seams are perfect, no strings or hairs coming off the fabric. Very little down loss over several uses (only a couple down clusters have come out in ~10 nights). Compared to a zpacks quilt I tried out briefly, the HG sheds way less down than the 7d zpacks fabric.

As a couple respected gear guides have said, these quilts are the best value for the money. Period. the Econ series is not exactly ultralight, but if you are willing to eat ~4oz and a little pack space, the Econ line provides tons of warmth and very high quality materials for the dollar.

I am selling my Econ’s to upgrade to 10d Premium quilts, but these retain their value well (as of writing this review HG has a 7 week lead time) and performed admirably.

The lowest temp I took it to was about 25* and I was toasty warm. If you look at the fill volume (Fill power * Fill weight) HG is significantly higher than UL quilts and on par with other premium makers like katabatic. Skimping on fill weight is foolish in my book, so HG is putting weight where it matters. HG definitely rates their gear for Comfort temp, not the worthless limit temps like in times past.

I like the draft collar on the quilt, It performs well sealing out drafts. I recently tried a quilt without draft collar and could easily tell heat was escaping around my neck. This probably doesnt matter with a 40* quilt, but with a 20 it definitely would.

I highly recommend the sewn footbox for 3 season or 4 season quilts. I also have a Premium Burrow 40 with zip footbox and the hole in the end makes the footbox very cold unless you wrap the extra cord around the plug and tie it off. Overall I’d prefer to just kick a leg out when im hot, plus you save .8oz with the sewn box.

I use this quilt in a hammock and have not taken it to the ground, though it can be done. I ordered the 55″ (wide) version and it will barely be usable on the ground. For hammocking only a 50″ quilt will work for me, but I expect to occasionally go above the tree line so got the Wide.

Overall I love all things Hammock Gear. Their customer service is 2nd to none. They are very responsive and will go out of their way to make things right if needed. I considered replacement quilts from Katabatic, Zpacks, Warbonnet, and Gryphon Gear and in the end decided I just wanted another Burrow due to my multiple good experiences with HG.

One thing to remember, they are often busy and have lead times in excess of 4 weeks. Plan ahead when you need Hammock Gear quilts, as lots of people like their gear!