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One way to get the ultralight gear you've always wanted is to make it yourself. But, the idea of making your own top bag (a sleeping bag with no insulation on the bottom) can be daunting; especially when working with down. So how about modifying a standard lightweight mummy bag into an ultralight top bag? You can drop as much as 7 ounces from your current bag, or tweak the design for a better fit, more adjustability, or even add down to increase the loft. In this MYOG article Jay Ham, our Make Your Own Gear Editor, takes you through the process of converting a down mummy bag into an Arc style sleeping bag. He'll cover what worked and what did not, and maybe save you from making a big mistake.


  • Overview
    • Cost: $20 + mummy bag cost
    • Weight: 13.7 oz
    • Time to Construct: 5 hours
    • Skill (scale 1-10): 7
    • Tools (scale 1-10): 7
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Step-by-step Instructions
    • Design and Planning
    • Measuring for Final Length
    • Cutting Through Baffles
    • Drawcord Sleeve
    • Sewing the Side Seams
    • Adding Variable Girth Straps
  • Complete!

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