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Canister stoves are a popular choice for backpackers because they are easy to use - attach the canister, light the burner, and cook. Today's canister stoves are light, compact, adjustable, versatile, reliable, and durable. The lightest weigh less than 3 ounces, even some including a piezoelectric igniter! They burn hot and will boil a quart of water in as little as 3 minutes under optimal conditions.

This backpacking canister stove review offers a comprehensive suite of performance comparison data, and an overview, of some of the more popular canister stoves on the market.


  • Overview
  • Stoves Reviewed
    • Mini-Canister Stoves
      • Brunton Crux
      • Coleman Ultralight
      • MSR Pocket Rocket
      • Primus Micron
      • Snow Peak Giga Power
    • Large-Burner Canister Stoves
      • Coleman Powerboost
      • MSR Superfly
      • Primus Techno Trail
  • It's All About Convenience
  • Performance Differences
    • Graph: Time to Boil 1 Quart of Water Under Various Conditions (Optimal Conditions Full Flame, Optimal Conditions Moderate Flame, Wind + Windscreen Full Flame)
    • Graph: Fuel Burned to Boil 1 Quart of Water (Calm, Direct Wind, Wind + Windscreen)
  • Some Favorites
  • Recommendations
  • Ratings
    • Table: Ratings Chart for Lightweight Canister Stoves (Features, Ease of Use, Cooking, Heating Efficiency, Durability, Value, Average Score)
    • Table: In Brief Specifications for Lightweight Canister Stoves Reviewed by Backpacking Light (piezo, weight, output, pot supports, compactness, cost)
  • Gear Guide to Lightweight Canister Stoves
    • Gear Guide Selection Criteria
  • Review Criteria: Lightweight Canister Stoves
    • Features
    • Ease of Use
    • Cooking Performance
    • Heating Efficiency
    • Durability
    • Value
  • Index of Reviews: Lightweight Canister Stoves
    • Brunton Crux
    • Coleman Exponent F1 Ultralight
    • MSR PocketRocket
    • Primus Micron
    • Snow Peak GigaPower
    • Coleman Exponent F1 Powerboost
    • MSR Superfly
    • Primus TechnoTrail
    • Jetboil

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