Save weight and simplify your kit by solving three problems with one piece of gear – the ZPacks Groundsheet Poncho:

  1. Stay dry in the rain and wear the poncho as your raingear.
  2. Keep your pack dry while hiking, because the poncho covers both you and your pack.
  3. Keep your sleeping area clean and dry by using the poncho as a ground sheet under a floorless shelter (or while cowboy camping).

This is a Dyneema Composite Fabrics (DCF) poncho – which means it’s not ideal for environments where your fabrics will be prone to puncturing from sharp, poky things. However, DCF is among the easiest fabrics to repair puncture holes in – Tyvek tape, DCF tape, Gear Aid tapes – all adhere well. Just don’t use it for bushwhacking.

This truly ultralight poncho is for more experienced hikers who know how to care for their gear.