The Saucony Peregrine (v12) is the first trail running shoe I’ve been truly excited about in a long time. What sets this trail running shoe apart from others I’ve been using is the foam. Saucony’s PWRRN foam is fairly firm, so with every step I feel like the shoes are springing me forward. Shoes with softer foam, such as the Altra Lone Peak (v6), for example, make me feel as if every step is draining my energy. This PWRRN foam also lasts a long time. I’ve put about 300 miles of running and backpacking on my first pair of Peregrines, and they aren’t even remotely packed out yet. The 5 mm lugs are also still going strong, although the upper is now wearing a bit. This shoe has a rock plate, too, so precise foot placement isn’t always necessary. I find this feature to increase my comfort over a 25+ mile day because my feet aren’t getting beat up by rocks. With all these features I would expect this shoe to be heavier than it is, but it’s only 9.7 oz in a men’s size 9. Additionally, this shoe fits securely without being constricting, so it’s amazing for scrambling, plodding, and running alike. Despite it having the classic pointy toe of most running shoes, it fits wide enough in the forefoot that my third and fourth toes never find the end. I can’t say the same for any Salomon or LaSportiva I’ve ever worn where my first toe is an inch from the end and my fourth toe is right up against the end. The low drop (4 mm) also probably contributes to this shoe’s scrambling ability – I’ve found shoes with a higher drop to feel tippy on off-camber terrain. I’ve used the Peregrines for runs between trips as well as off and on-trail backpacking in the rocky and rugged Uintas, Wasatch, and Wind Rivers. I found them to be by far the best shoe I’ve ever used in any of these terrains that I’ve frequented over the years. – Ben Kilbourne