During the long months of winter, we love the idea of having a tiny lantern inside of our tent, or at our side, while cooking in the dark.

After procuring and testing more than a dozen small lanterns on the market, we’ve settled on the Black Diamond Moji R+ for its feature set and performance, at a weight of less than 3 ounces.

It offers dimmability and multiple lighting modes, including a bright floodlight for visibility, and various color modes for creating a warm and fun mood in camp.

Our favorite features, however, are focused on its size and weight. We tested no other lantern that was this light or this compact while still putting out enough light to easily illuminate a 2 person tent, so both occupants can read without using their own headlamps.

It includes an easy to use clip system that folds away when not in use, yet easily attaches to mitten hooks or lines inside your tent.