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duplex pics indoor fast pitch as the weather is off here

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Gear for sale/trade


price shipped usps / PayPal

add 3% GnS

Duplex with freestanding kit -$650( lightly used- a dozen nights- I tend towards my hammock)

Vargo bot 1L $100 (used a few times- I want to like it but keep going back to my evernew pot and alcohol set up)

Nitecore nb10000 gen 2-$50 (just not enough juice for me as I tend to forget to put my phone on airplane mode;)

Kovea spider $50 (used once in the snow)

Zpacks bags multipack and sleeve-$50 (brand new – I picked a diff color up)

Hartford gear bags – xpac- I took these on an international 1bag trip last year- loved them and then I led up similar CDF bags-$60

Ctug water bottle sleeve and pouch-$65 (brand new- doesn’t work with my bag:()

MHW air shirt -L-$50 (worn a lil bit- my lady doesn’t like the color;)

App gear hoodie -$50 is been well loved has some holes at sleeve cuffs and at the lower back. I bought with the idea of sewing it up… realize my ideas for creating are not happening.

oR sun shirt SS L- I love it… again, my lady is not having it;)-$35

Trailheadz banshee ul 10.5 oz- 24 nights in it- I picked up a new rig- ***sold

SLD trailwinder uq symmetric 40- $110 (brand new) – I have one and picked up a diff piece of gear 20oz


sld hammock sleeve- used 4 nights and then picked up an anaconda$20

Ursack allmitey-$115 (used 6 nights- going back to a bear bag) 9.5oz