I am looking for four (4) plastic sternum strap fasteners that slide onto 3/4″ webbing on the shoulder straps. They don’t need to be easily removable from the middle of the webbing like the photo shown. The middle part can have an unbroken bar. I do not want any that have a buckle.

Do you have any lying around? I will happily reimburse you for the cost of them and shipping (which should be a first class stamp) which should be around $2.50.

Why don’t I buy them myself? Well, I only need these four things, and it seems really silly to pay $5 in shipping for just that. Maybe you have some lying around and no plans to use them, and you can replace them with your next (monthly?weekly? daily? hourly?) MYOG material order.

Quest Outfitters has them at 3/4″. Some other places have them for 1″ webbing.