SOLD – a collection of alcohol stoves and a couple of camp cups I really don’t need.  Thinning the heard as they say.

Commercially sold Stoves/burners:

  • Vargo Titanium Triad – 1.0 oz
  • FlatCat Gear Bobcat burner – 0.9 oz
  • (Mini Bull Designs?) remote burner – 0.8 oz
  • FlatCag Gear Snow Leopard burner – 0.7 oz
  • Trail Designs 12-10 burner – 0.5 oz (0.6 oz with TD mfg simmer ring)

I’m tossing in (2) Homemade can stoves that someone gave me when I was just getting into it.

Also included is a like new Sea to Summit Delta Light Insulated mug, and a Talenti cup and lid.  The Talenti cup is included to organize/protect the stoves in the box (don’t try to cook with it on these stoves ;)

the Bobcat standard burner is new and still sells for ~$30 – I don’t know if it has changed designs, but it looks the same.  TD 12-10 is new and it still sells with a simmer ring for ~$20.   All of the stoves are completely functional, and fun to compare if you want to try some different designs, or were looking for that somewhat rare remote burner.

The collection is priced to sell at $25, including shipping to your CONUS address.  Almost half of that goes for postage.  If you want just one of two of these I can see if I can get a lower shipping costs for a smaller package.  Any questions, let me know,