$150 shipped CONUS. Payment via PayPal preferred.

2018 Hanchor Marl backpack. Manufacturer’s specs: 51 Liters. Top circumference: 40″ / Bottom circumference: 34″ / Height Fully Unrolled: 35.5″. Main fabric: X-Pac VX21. Bottom fabric: X-Pac VX42. Weight: 38 ounces.

Size large torso which uses two 24″ tall aluminum stays and one horizontal stay at the shoulders. The shoulder straps are attached at 20″ above the bottom edge of the hipbelt/frame stays. This leaves 4″ of height between the shoulder strap attachment and the top of the frame stay that allows for a nice ~45° angled load lifter. For reference, I have a 19 1/2″ torso and this pack fits me perfect.

Size medium hipbelt, which has 30″ of padding. The hipbelt has zippered pockets and is removable. Different sizes are available from the manufacturer. I have a ~32 in. waist and it fits perfectly.

I purchased this pack new directly from the manufacturer back in May 2018. I’ve used it on many backpacking trips since then, but it only shows minimal signs of wear. No rips, tears, etc., but there are two small areas on the extension collar with surface scuffs (see pics). Hanchor’s craftsmanship is top-tier.

Here’s the link to the manufacturer’s page for the pack, which includes a full description and all of the specs: https://www.hanchor.com/products/Outdoor%20Series/MARL_Hiking_Backpack?locale=en.

The posted pics are current. Let me know if you have any questions or would like specific pics. Thanks.