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Tenkara Rhodo Fishing Rod

Overall 4.83
Light Weight 5.00
Durability 4.00
Versatility 5.00
Performance 5.00
Design 5.00
Price 5.00

Brand: Tenkara USA

Gear Types: Fishing Multisport/Other Activities

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June 2, 2021 Ryan Jordan

An ultralight tenkara rod with a very high level of finesse

The Tenkara Rhodo may be my favorite rod for tiny/minimalist flies, thin tippet, and delicate presentations to wary trout. It’s 2.1 oz, and can telescope among three different lengths from shorter than 9′ to longer than 10′. I use the long length on lakes, the short length on brushy streams, and seldom use the middle length. This is a very delicate rod – much more so than the Tenkara Hane, and requires a different level of force and timing to engineer a cast. Because of this, it’s not a great option for heavy flies, but this is Backpacking Light, so … you shouldn’t be using heavy flies anyways ;) Here’s a pretty rainbow I caught on Memorial Day 2021 as the ice starts to leave the lakes above 10k in Wyoming’s Snowy Range. They were tough customers, and very spooky. The Rhodo came through.

Model / Variant
My level of backpacking experience expert
# of days I've used this product 20
Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes
Overall 4.83
Light Weight 5
Durability 4
Versatility 5
Performance 5
Design 5
Price 5