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Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Filter Bottle

Overall 3.33
Light Weight 5.00
Durability 5.00
Versatility 5.00
Performance 1.00
Design 1.00
Price 3.00

Brand: Katadyn

Gear Types: Hydration Systems Water Treatment - Filtration

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September 16, 2022 Steve Uze

Not for thru hiking

On my second filter sent free from Katadyn because the first nearly stopped flowing.  Now the same for new second filter.  The flow is fantastic out of the box.  But within in a few days on the trail you will begin to notice it takes a little bit more squeeze pressure to get a drink.  Both 100 mile section hikes, one in VA and the other in VT, by day six it was almost down to a trickle.  In order to get the filter back to near full function it needs to be soaked in either a vinegar water solution overnight or demilitarized water.  Not convenient if thru hiking.  Not to bad for a section hiker. Great concept, poor execution.

Model / Variant 0.6L model
My level of backpacking experience expert
# of days I've used this product 30
Would I recommend this product to a friend? No
Overall 3.33
Light Weight 5
Durability 5
Versatility 5
Performance 1
Design 1
Price 3