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Feathered Friends Lark 10 UL

Overall 4.33
Light Weight 5.00
Durability 5.00
Versatility 4.00
Performance 5.00
Design 4.00
Price 3.00

Brand: Feathered Friends

Gear Types: Sleep Systems Sleeping Bags

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May 26, 2021 Ryan Jordan

My favorite “winter” sleeping bag for temps down to 0 deg F

I’ve used the Lark UL 10 for the past several years during the winter months when I’m expecting temperatures to be between 0 deg F and about 20 deg F. I pair it with a down parka, pants, and booties for the low end of that range.

The coldest nights I’ve spent with the Lark 10 have been in bivy sacks in exposed winds, and temperatures in the single digits or lower. As to be expected, I supposed.

Things I like:

  • water-resistant shell
  • wide enough girth to layer puffy clothes but narrow enough to be efficient – good balance
  • terrific cinch system for the hood and collar – no-stretch hood cord, stretchy collar cord.
  • one of the lightest bags for its loft on the market – my size R is 31.2 oz

Things I would like to make this bag perfect:

  • a half-zip, down the center – I spent a lot of time in my bag in the winter sitting up cooking, etc, and a half-zip down the center would make it easier
  • a wider girth (slightly) – I could see this bag being extended to even colder temperatures with a winter-class parka like the Grade VII – but that would be too tight in the bag as is right now

Image: it’s my go-to bag for all of my 1-2 night winter bivy trips the past few years.

Model / Variant regular length, left zip
My level of backpacking experience expert
# of days I've used this product 100
Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes
Overall 4.33
Light Weight 5
Durability 5
Versatility 4
Performance 5
Design 4
Price 3