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Frameless backpacks are no longer identified as "featureless stuff sacks with shoulder straps". The presence of sophisticated pseudo-suspensions, high-tech fabrics, and usability features that rival their framed big brothers are now the norm. This review evaluates - and describes in detail - key criteria that impact the usability and load carrying capacity/load carrying stability performance of frameless backpacks. The packs reviewed in detail herein include: Equinox Katahdin and Equinox Pamola, GoLite Jam, GoLite Dawn, Granite Gear Virga, Osprey Aether 45, Six Moon Designs StarLite, and the GVP Gear (Gossamer Gear) G4. Each backpack was evaluated based on the following criteria: Volume-to-weight ratio, load carrying capacity, load carrying capacity-to-backpack weight ratio, frame and suspension features, usability features, load volume flexibility, options, load carrying performance, durability, and value. A comparison table, and links to detailed reviews of each individual backpack, are provided, as well as a link to's Frameless Backpack Gear Guide, and criteria for inclusion of products in the Gear Guide.
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