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This article will highlight, in part, how I simplify the shopping, packaging, and preparation of expedition foods by heavily relying upon single serving sized packages - especially for snacks that I eat throughout the day while on the trail (as opposed to in camp). Take note, however: I will not be discussing pre-packaged freeze dried meals. My preference is for foods that have a higher nutritional quality, a higher caloric density, and/or a lower cost than what is available in the food aisle at a local outfitter.

What I'm offering are my personal favorites in a few different categories. They are summarized in the following table.

Perhaps some of these ingredients will find their way into your backcountry diet, or spark some interest in related foods.


  • Introduction
  • #7. Sahale Snacks Glazed Nuts
  • #6. Annie's Bunny Snacks
  • #5. SeaBear Wild Salmon
  • #4. Walker's Shortbread Fingers
  • #3. Justin's Almond Butter
  • #2. Terra Sweet Potato Chips
  • #1. Panda Black Licorice

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