Mountain SuperUltraLight Backpacking – Going SUL in the Mountains with Adequate Shelter, Insulation, and Rain Protection. Part 1: Concepts and Scope.

Adapting SUL for mountain conditions, where frequent weather extremes necessitate more capable gear.

Black Diamond Axiom 40 Backpack Review

A lightweight sub-3-pound internal frame backpack that’s well designed, durable, comfortable, and features freedom of movement innovations.

Montane Slipstream GL Jacket Review

A very lightweight hoodless windshirt utilizing Pertex’s newest lightest fabric – Quantum GL. In addition to his thorough evaluation, Will includes a discussion of the versatility of a windshirt.

Nemo Obi Elite 1P Tent Review

Nemo becomes a serious player in the ultralight tent category. The Obi Elite 1P is a cutting edge one-person double-wall tent that matches the weight and roominess of many single-wall tents.

MSR Lightning Flash Snowshoe Review

If unlimited traction is what you want in a snowshoe, the Lightning Flash delivers; it can rightfully lay claim to the title of lightest high-traction snowshoe available.

Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies Part 3: Discussion, Conclusions, and Performance of Individual Jackets

In this final part of the series we assemble the information gleaned from our field testing into an informative discussion with down to earth conclusions. We also present field test data for each individual jacket, comment on its utility, and identify standouts.

Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies – Part 2: Are There Detectable Differences Under Real World Backpacking Conditions?

Manufacturers make lofty claims for the enhanced breathability of the new fabrics. I tested ten jackets under challenging and forgiving backpacking-type conditions, while recording temperature and humidity inside and outside the jackets, and reported my findings. Perhaps I didn’t experience “air and water vapor permeability so shocking you’ll swear it's magic,” but I did identify some standouts and some promising trends of interest to backpackers.

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