~ 30 Mile loop hike starting near Mirror Lake.  North East Utah.

The route: https://caltopo.com/m/UA5B

Dates: July 30 – August 1 2021

Weather:  High in the low 80.  Overnight in the high 50s.   Massive monsoon rains each afternoon.

Water:  Clean, filterable water almost everywhere.

Difficulty:  5/10

Solitude:  On the Uinta Highline Section 3/10   other sections  9/10

Video: (Intended for my 85 year old mother) :  https://youtu.be/kj3BO–bmiM

I had business in Salt Lake City and decided to stay a few day and hike.   Souther Utah was still hot as hell, so we decided to try Northern Utah.

The trail was quite nice.   Not a bucket list trail, but certainly very well worth the time/expense/effort.  The first day we encountered a lot of people as we were in the actual Uinta Highline trail.  But one we turned off the main trail the solitude was well worth it.

Predictable afternoon thunderstorms hit at 3 PM each day.  We got soaked on day one.  Got smart and set up the tent and just waited it out on day two.  Day three we figured we would the car before the rain ended so we got soaked again.

I would bring a fishing rod next time.