Went up to the Trampas Lakes (Sangre de Cristo range, New Mexico). Perfect timing for my preferences – snow left in the very high country for scenery and wetness; mostly melted up to 11,000’ for ease of access.

1 human with CPAP, CPAP battery, dog food, dog titanium pan, and dog bed.

Skin-out weight: 40 pounds. I know that’s a lot for this site, but I actually love where I’m at. My big 4 are super dialed in for my preferences (light shelter, comfort on the sleep cocoon): Xmid 2, ULA Catalyst, ZenBivy FlexAir, and ZenBivy light bed. I suppose I’ll chip away at the Litesmith type stuff but that will be slow. I already don’t really take any luxuries (aside from aforementioned sleep system, including an Exped MegaPillow (!) )



Anyway, enjoy the photos!