I went for a short solo overnight trip in the Catskills this past Labor day. This trip I decided to hike on a much less traveled trail in the Delaware Wild Forest and Dry Brook Ridge wild forest sections of the Western Catskills, NY. I hiked a section of the Finger Lakes trail named Touch Me Not trail. Beginning at the Beech Hill road trail head, the Touch Me Not trail runs approximately 8 miles to Alder Lake, which then loops around Alder Lake for another mile or so. Along the way the trail also passes the beautiful Big Pond. Both Alder Lake and Big pond are easily accessible by vehicle and both have primitive camp sites in the surrounding areas.. meaning they are fairly hi used and usually NOT where I would prefer to go or camp, especially labor day weekend.  However, I decided to begin on Labor day and spend a night, with hopes the crowds would be going home as I hiked in. Also, believe it or not, the Touch Me Not trail is one of the less trafficked trails in Catskills.. only 1 view point ( Cabot Mt.) and no peaks above the much coveted 3500 ft.  Cabot Mt,  being the highest peak climbed at about 2970 does offer a very nice view of Little Pond. It also was definitely a buster climbing up and down BOTH ways, lol for sure. Other then that, the Touch Me Not trail was fairly easy hiking.  A few wet and mushy muddy sections, a few sections that were over grown, but overall a beautiful trail to hike and avoid the crowds and feel some legit solitude. The video explains it all, my mishaps, my disappointments, my decisions, and my adventure.