Took 2 of my kids to Harriman for a short 10 mile hike on Friday and we found a great spot to camp with pretty amazing views.  The hike was typical Harriman ups and downs with some scenic views, rocks and lakes, 1 of which we stopped and ate lunch at. It was also nice because we did not really see any other hikers, maybe 1 or 2 at most the entire day.  Many of the water crossing were near dry which was surprising for mid spring, but we were able to find water before making dry camp for the night, hi up on a small hill overlooking a beautiful lake and many small rolling mountains across. This campsite would be pristine for sunset views, unfortunately it was cloudy and overcast, as wind and rain were in the overnight and morning forcast. Either way,  we had a great day hiking, and to start the day, as we were pulling up to the trailhead parking lot, we saw a HUGE coyote standing on the side of the road. I stopped the car and actually thought for a second it was a wolf, because usually the coyote are small and mangy stragly looking, and this was a BIG BOY.. he just stood there staring us down. I’m pretty sure there are no wolves in Harriman.. Possibly further up North Into the Catskills, anyway.. He was LARGE.  That was actually my first time seeing a coyote up close and personal. I always hear them screaming and howling at dusk or during the night, but never had the pleasure of such a close encounter. Well, here is a short video I threw together of the overnight trip. It was good to spend the day hiking with 2 of my kids and get to camp in such a nice spot with them. They slept in their hammocks and I slept in my bivy under my tarp. It was my Borah Gear solo silpoly tarp, being small at 5.8×9 and such a breezy evening with rain forecast I did pitch it very very low to the ground, much lower on the one side that the wind was hammering from, as you may notice in the video. Again, that the advantage of using a small tarp and having experience with it and different weather scenarios. I also used for the first time a Zpacks Solo plus bathtub ground sheet, which I actually did like to have. I used my MLD FKT quilt with MLD solo bivy,  tried out the new Neoair Xlite NXT regular/ wide pad.. I like it. The 3 inches so what, can’t tell difference from 2 inches, but this pad I decided to go full rectangle instead of mummy style.. and I slept like a KING. I carried everything in my Zpacks Nero 38 L pack and had plenty not room to spare. Honestly, could have gotten away with using the smaller Sub-Nero pack, but I recently decided to ditch my “fanny” pack and try using the Zpacks hip belt pockets instead.. Another gear choice that I am enjoying (one less item to keep track of). Any questions or comments feel free …..