I did it!! 143.5 miles southbound on the Northville- Placid trail thru the remote and rugged Adirondack mountains of Northeast NY. I have been wanting this adventure for several years and finally made it happen. Thank you fellow BPL member Thom for last minute shuttle ride and David.. amazing that we crossed paths out in the majestic West Canada Lakes Wilderness area!! That was awesome and inspiring for me! I also want to thank every northbound thru hiker and day/weekend hikers that I stopped to chat with along the way, as well as the few northbound hikers I shared a shelter on 3 different nights. I made this happen in 7 days, which I would NOT recommend to anyone. It was grueling, hard 7 days for sure. I only had 8 days to complete it, due to time off from work and family, so I bit the bullet and made it happen for me..it was now or never. Realistically, 10-12-14 days would have been wonderful, but I made the best of what I had and enjoyed being out there, on my own so much. I did not resupply, so I carried 8 days of food in my Bearicade Blazer. My starting pack weight was exactly 30 lbs. with the 8 days food and 2 liters of water. I started on Sunday afternoon and it began to rain on Sunday evening and continued to rain, pour on and off until Wednesday afternoon. That’s the NPT. I finished on Saturday evening.. Limping my way out with a swollen right knee and my feet blistered and destroyed.  I will do a gear list/ review in another post, but I will say I used all of my usual gear, the only item I carried extra for this trip which I have never used before was the bear can, and  everything I carried worked perfectly, even my MLD Vision quilt.  My daily mileage was:

Day 1. 12 miles to Duck Hole #2

Day 2. 24 miles to Catalin Bay #1

Day 3. 20 miles to Stephens Pond

Day 4. 20 miles to Beaver Pond/ Cedar Lakes #2

Day 5. 18 miles to unnamed campsite

Day 6. 22.5 miles to Silver Lake

Day 7. 26.5 miles to Northville

Hopefully you enjoy the video and if you are considering thru hiking the NPT, you get something inspiring or helpful out of it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments anytime. Even if you have no interest or intention of ever hiking the NPT, maybe you will at least get a kick out of me brutalizing myself out there for 7 days!!