“Escarpment, which means there is an abrupt change in elevation—most commonly a slope or cliff—that is caused by erosion, gives an indication of the landscape of the trail.”

“These are also the  fabled mountains, on the southern end of the trail, where the legendary Dutchman, Rip Van Winkle slept undisturbed for 20 years.”

Those being quotes from articles I read while researching for the trail…

We completed the end to end hike ( 25 miles ) of the Escarpment trail in 3 days / 2 nights.  For anyone who is a fairly strong hiker and has limited time and would love to see the Catskills at its BEST, I would 100% recommend hiking this trail, starting at Rt.23 and finishing on Schutt road near North South Lake campground.  This easily has become my favorite trip in the Catskills.  From the very first steps.. it just kept getting better and better each mile hiked. Stunning view after view after view and hiking along the cliffs and ledges made this an  unforgettable one!!

Bob and Mike slept in their hammocks while I slept in my Borah Gear Snowyside eVent bivy.. no condensation at all.. I did sleep with it open and not zipped up.. giving me a spectacular show of stars in the clear skies on night #2.

If you are thinking of doing a trip in the Catskills, the Escarpment trail should be a priority.  It is by no means a beginner trail, so be cautioned.. however,  if you are a fairly strong hiker you will be fine doing this in 3 days. Do not let it deter you if you feel you are not a strong hiker though… simply take more time and days to do it!!!  The trail is well maintained and easy enough to follow.  We went out on Wednesday to Friday and had every single view point to ourselves and about 98% of the trail to ourselves until near the end at North South Lake area, where there will always be a lot of people day hiking.  I will be doing this trail again, I would love to do it in winter with snow and ice and leaves down!  Hope you enjoy the video I put together and again, if you are looking for a trip in Catskills.. Escarpment trail should be top priority!!

Feel free to hit me up with any questions.  If you are planning this trip I can help you out with what I know..